Simply Social Kids is a unique, non-clinical program for kids ages 5-adult to help them learn:

Friendship Skills * Empathy & Respect * Communication/Conversation * Emotion Management * Conflict Resolution * Transitioning * Sportsmanship * Impulse Control * Flexibility * Body Language * Executive Function * Perspective Taking * Bullying Prevention * Kindness and more

 Our friendly, sensory simple, accepting environment offers a balanced hybrid of structured social lessons and unstructured socialization practice with peers.  The culture and activities are infused with elements of positive psychology which are proven to increase optimism.  Kids who attend Simply Social Kids have shown their ability to generalize learned social skills into recess, lunch, family and community gatherings.

All kids will struggle socially at some point during their childhood; however others experience more frequent and consistent social awkwardness. Simply Social Kids provides coaching to kids of all abilities to improve their social skills. For some children, a little fine-tuning is all that is needed, and for others, a long term, consistent approach with role playing and practice is necessary. Our goal is to help kids find friends and teach them the skills to make those friendships last.

Simply Social Kids is located at One Industrial Way Unit 4, Tyngsboro, MA 01879.  Contact us at (978) 764-2758.

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